Breathtaking Blonde Hair Styles for Girls and Women with Chubby Cheeks

Breathtaking Blonde Hair Styles for Girls and Women with Chubby Cheeks

Blonde hair styles – Most women in United States and Europe owned blonde hair styles and they look so gorgeous. Some Hollywood actresses who also owned blonde hair would like to change their hair style routinely so that they will always look different and more impressive. Inspired by those actresses, many girls around the world would also like to change their hair style and also hair color. Unfortunately, some chubby girls feel hard to find the best hair style for their blonde hair. If you’re one of those girls who need inspiring blonde hair style ideas for chubby girls, all you have to do right now is keep reading.

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Long layer is the first of blonde hair styles for chubby you can opt and apply to your own blonde hair. Long layer hair style is able to camouflage your chubby cheeks. Ask your hairstylist to apply long layer hair style on your blonde hair. And tell her to add wavy effect on the bottom of your long blonde hair. The wavy effect on the bottom of your long layer blonde hair will not only make your face looks more beautiful but also able to make your chin looks more pointed, and as the effect you’re face won’t look chubby.

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Bangs make every girl looks so sweet and looks younger. But chubby girls are too scared to get blonde hair styles with bangs because they thought bangs will make their face looks chubbier. You can make your face looks more oval with fringe bangs. Tell your hair stylist to cut your hair into layer hair style or shaggy hair style and then complete your new hair style with fringe bangs. Let your hair stylist knows that you want the fringe bangs a little bit longer. At least the length of fringe bangs must reach under your eyebrows, this makes your face looks more oval.

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Do you know Adele? She is not a slim woman but she looks so wonderful because of appropriate hair style on her head. If you’re also an owner of chubby cheeks and you need blonde hair styles that look appropriate with your face, long bob hair style that’s also known as lob hair style is a smart choice. This hair style made Adele looks perfect and will definitely makes you look more ideal. After you get the long hair style or lob hair style, add more volume to your hair. Bob hair with volume makes you looks like a retro girl and also balance your chubby cheeks at once.

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Pixie is another choice of blonde hair styles you can opt to balance your chubby cheeks. Cut your dark blonde hair with pixie hair style and add sideways bangs that are able to balance your face with its chubby cheeks. You’ll look so cute and chic with this pixie hair style.

Just be confident with yourself and pick one of the best blonde hair styles that look good with your chubby face and you’ll be as good looking as Hollywood actresses. Make sure you keep your blonde colored hair style healthy because healthy hair looks shinier and will definitely make you look more beautiful.