Captivating and Creative Ideas of Crazy Hair Styles for Crazy Hair Day

Captivating and Creative Ideas of Crazy Hair Styles for Crazy Hair Day

Young people usually love to try something new and crazy such as crazy hair styles. Don’t claim yourself as an up-to-date juvenile if you don’t dare to try one of the craziest hair styles. Young girls are trying to beautify their hair with new wonderful hair styles today. They will try any gorgeous hair style to find the most appropriate hair style for their face. What about trying a crazy hairstyle for special events? We have some crazy and funny hair styles you can try if you dare enough.

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Unicorn horn is the first of many outstanding crazy hair styles you can consider. This unicorn horn hair style is the best crazy hair idea for ladies with long hair. First of all, you need to separate your hair into two parts, front and back. Use Styrofoam cone as the horn of unicorn. Take your front hair and wrap the cone using your hair. And then create a ponytail hair using your back hair. Add some wavy effect at the end of your ponytail hair to make it looks like the tail of unicorn. For more unique unicorn horn hair style you’re free to create highlights on your hair with mystique colored hair dye like silver or purple.

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If you think you dare enough for the other crazy hair styles, try our crazy hair color style for short hair. For the owners of short hair styles like pixie or another short hair, crazy field hair style is recommended. To get crazy field hair style, you must first color your hair with green hair dye. And then create spiky textures using gel or wax. This won’t look like a field without ball. So change your ribbon hairclip with a simple hair clip that’s beautified with soccer ball as its accessory.

For you who are eager to look sweet and cute with crazy hair styles, cupcake hair style is crazy enough. First of all, you need to prepare two cupcake liners and make a hole in the middle of each cupcake liner. And then make two ponytails on the left and right of your head. Pull every ponytail through the hole in the middle of cupcake liner. Next, use your ponytail to make a hair bun that fills the cupcake liner. Make sure you color your ponytails first with sweet color like pink or blue so that you’ll get sweet cupcakes inside the cupcake liner. Add red colored hair clip on the middle of the cupcake. What a sweet cupcake on your head!

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Need scary and crazy hair styles for the upcoming Halloween? Insect life is one of many creepy gothic hair styles you can try. Color your hair with dark green color that makes your hair looks like lawn and then set your hair to spiky hair style. Add insect accessories (such as butterfly, centipede, ants, and snakes) on your hairclips or patch them between your hairs. This makes your hair looks weird and scary. So, are you ready to make a crazy hair style for crazy hair day?