Great Tips in Working with Hair Style for Long Hair

Great Tips in Working with Hair Style for Long Hair

Choosing the right hair style for long hair appears to be an easy job to do. Well, it is mostly due to the wide variations of long hairstyles you can explore, starting with hairstyle for long hair with bangs to with layers. You can look up the hairstyle for long hair ideas to make your appearance totally stunning with your long locks beautifully styled. However, we have some tips that will be really useful when you style your long hair. Let’s check them out!

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Let’s start from one trivial but tricky question: where to part your hair? You may want to part your hair on the side. If it looks great with the hair style for long hair you have chosen, we recommend you to put the part on the middle of your eyes then go straight up, whether it is left or right side part you want. On the other side, you may prefer to have your hair parted in the middle. In doing so, you need to remember it will make your face appear longer, unlike the side part that can make the face look less long.

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What about when you blow dry your hair? Remember that proper way in blowing dry your hair is an important key to rock your hair style for long hair. We recommend you not to blow dry fast. Instead, be more patient and do piece by piece. Otherwise, your hair may not look good if you choose to do fast blow dry. In blowing dry your hair, start at the bottom then make your way up. Take small pieces, make clean and nice separations, and use a round brush. Start from the roots then make way down slowly, again and again until it is perfectly done.

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When you have done blowing your hair straight, you may find the ends still look frizzy or little fuzzy. It is normal since you are not a professional anyway. However, it may indicate a little damage to the ends of your hair. Thus, to rock any hair style for long hair you choose, we recommend you to take only the end of the part you are working on and slightly smooth out the ends of your hair. It will take you two or three seconds, yet the result will give a significant difference.

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Another important thing you have to consider in choosing hair style for long hair and style your lock is your hair texture. Remember that each person has different hair texture. Thus, what works for your friend may not work for you. For instance, your hair is naturally really curly, flat iron will be a great tool to work with since it will help you to style your hair smooth and straight. The flat iron will be great to help you achieving different hairstyle, so you don’t have to stick with your beautiful natural curly hair every day.

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The same goes for you who have naturally straight hair. Occasionally, choose hair style for long hair with curls or waves that will add more texture to your lock. The different hairstyle will be perfect if you are looking for fabulous and beautiful one for special occasions, such as party of school prom.