Hair Styles for Boys That Give So Manly Look!

Hair Styles for Boys That Give So Manly Look!

With the coming of New Year of 2015, it means there will be some hairstyles for boys candidates that will be big trend by this year. Do give a fresh look from your head and achieve the resolutions you just made. It seems that this year still bring some cuts that are popular in 2014 with a little modification on the side parts. Thus, it gives more contrasting and more boyish look. So, just be so manly with these latest hair styles for boys and be a trendsetter among your BFFs.

Do you have round face with you? Then you must try this first idea. Cut or shave off the side hair but let the top hair spiked and brushed above. This style is so popular especially among the teens. This is not surprising as there are many famous stars so pick these hair styles for boys to flatter their look. Super short cuts both on the side and on the back added with thick hair brushed above seems becoming the most chosen cut over the crowd. Thanks for the simple maintenance given by this style too. No boys will hate it!

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Short side hair added with side swept bangs is the next idea to try with. This short hairstyle for boys will be perfect options for any boys with large forehead. Choosing hairstyle is not merely about the fashion, it is indeed a solution for the imperfect body parts too. Do ask the stylist to cut off the side but still give a chance for both top and back hair comes longer. When you are ready to go, simply comb the hair in fronts to make the swept bangs and runs the finger on your hair styles for boys.

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Go with all short is nothing but a blast for lazy guys! It needs no combing time as it looks ready all the time even when you are just waking up. In line with that, it requires super simple maintenance too as the time to shampoo and the like. To get these hair styles for boys, come and say to your stylist to cut off the hair and let about 1,5 inches from the top hair. Now for the side and back, ask him to cut it off or shave till it is all clear. Short cuts added with shaved style side are perfect for boys with square shape face!

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The last idea of latest boy’s hairstyle 2015 is aimed for those business men. Go with short cuts at the side with medium cut on the peak. What you need to do every morning is just applying gel before combing and making a side parting there. It is neat and will enhance your professional look. Many experts say that there are no other casual hair styles for boys which are better than this. Once you have done, complete the look of the day by wearing your cool tuxedo. Now, you ate ready for office presentation, hot guys!

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Long Hair Styles For Boys

Long Hair Styles For Boys


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Overall, boys are just like girls. They want to be awesome still though they like to pretend on it. Well, with those above hair styles for boys ideas, you do, will be the one that impress your sweethearts! Be ready for that!

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