Ladies Hair Style Tips : How to Work with Your Hair on the Right Way

Ladies Hair Style Tips: How to Work with Your Hair on the Right Way

As you have seen, there are many ladies hairstyles images you can explore if you are looking for ideas and inspirations to help you. Well, it does not matter how fabulous ladies hairstyles 2015 ideas are, you need to choose one that suits you. What should you do in choosing the right ladies hair style that will fit you perfectly? We have some considerations you need to know first.

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Before you decide which ladies hair style you will rock, you need to know your hair type first. After all, it is important to know what you are working with. There are various hair types and textures, each with different characteristics. Different types will require you to use different hair treatment products too. There are many ways you can do to diagnose your hair type. You can check from your follicle or scalp indentation housing the root or simply make a test by wrapping your hair in a ponytail. In general, there are three major hair types. They are thick, medium, and fine. Even so, there is combination of all those types too.

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Blow-drying is one of the most useful and important abilities a woman can and should have. Even if you have a tight schedule, beautiful ladies hair style that requires you only to blow it will work beautifully. We recommend you to choose ceramic or tourmaline blow dryer with high wattage to prevent frizz while creating smooth and shiny finish. Apart from that, you may also need to consider your hair texture too in blow-drying your hair. For instance, straight to wavy hair may require different technique than curly or coarse one.

If you are born with natural straight hair, or even with slightly wavy texture, you may be lusted for the voluminous and dramatic curls. If you are interested in ladies hair style with gorgeous curls like Sarah Jessica Parker rocks, it’s important to know how to curl your hair properly. We recommend you to use ceramic curling iron with adjustable heat settings to choose the right temperature you use to heat your hair from inside and out. If you start curling with wet hair, apply lightweight hair mousse first and dry with hands upside down to add texture.

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Next is for those with natural wavy to curly hair who want to rock ladies hair style that requires you to straightening your lock first. It’s normal to be weary of damage caused by straightening iron. However, you can overcome it with the right hair product and proper use. We suggest you to use flat iron with ceramic plates for gentle infrared ionic heat. Apart from that, prep you hair with the right products before starting the straightening process. Choose products that will protect it from thermal damage too.

Fighting the frizz is also a way to rock any ladies hair style you choose. That’s why it’s important to fight your frizz… on the right way, of course. Know why it occurs first so you may know what treatment you need. Then, do not forget to maintain your hair to be healthy by not only cleansing it, but also by conditioning it. It is also recommended to use products that will fight frizz by lowering or eliminating humidity.

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