Beautiful Medium Hair Style You Have to Try at Least Once

Beautiful Medium Hair Style You Have to Try at Least Once

Medium hair style – Who says having medium length hair is boring? For girls who have stayed loyal to medium hair style, you surely know how stylish your hair to be in any different occasions—it is not too long or too short and easy to style. If you are still hesitant in making your decision—to cut or not to cut to medium length—these medium hairstyle ideas we show you today will be a great reference to help you making up your mind.

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What is really cool about medium hair style is its flexibility and versatility. As mentioned before, it is not too short or too long, thus it will be perfect even for you who are not really into long hair. The length still makes it suitable for beautiful updo, either for formal or casual occasions. Well, just take a look at this hair updo for medium hair with side part and teased crown. The sleek twist, however, is the center of attention here. Even so, they all come together into a messy low bun that somewhat still looks elegant.

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For you who are looking for beautiful medium hair style perfect for school prom, party, or even wedding, try this sweet but elegant updo. The soft waves framing the face have their own appeal to charm people staring at you. Aside from framing the beautiful face, the soft waves cascade down to form a lovely bun which softness makes it look like a cotton candy. For extra drama—it is even added in simple way—glittery headband is used as hair accessory. A bride-to-be can consider beautiful flower crown as a wonderful alternative of hair accessory.

Another easy peasy medium hair style you can steal is this oh-so-cute hair updo idea. It is fabulous, but it is also quick to create. To steal this look, you can simply part your medium length hair in the middle, or even any part you want it to be. Make four ponytails (two on sides by your ears and two on back) using elastics then slide them down to the ends of hair. Put a headband, loop the ponytails through your headband, and secure the tails using bobby pins. It is easy as pie!

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For medium hair style that brilliantly emphasizes the versatility and flexibility, consider to cut and keep it on shoulder length. Shoulder length hair is perfect for any face shape, even for you who are looking for medium hairstyle round face or long shape. Rather than adding bangs, simply keep the low side bangs instead that can be swept to any direction in style, no matter on which side you part your hair. This simple medium hairstyle will be perfect for all season and you can dye it in any color you love for extra coolness.

Most of you may consider medium hair style with layers to maximize the texture. Well, it is not a bad idea, though, since it is really easy to maintain and undoubtedly fabulous. Even so, it does not mean your choice is limited there. Well, what about building up the style by choosing rich hair color, such as copper like natural redhead has, to maximize the style? It will have totally dramatic effect even if you choose one length hair cut!

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