10 Best Mens Short Medium Hairstyles with Less Hair Cutting

10 Best Mens Short Medium Hairstyles with Less Hair Cutting

Mens Short Medium HairstylesMens short hairstyles produce various cool styles for short hair. You don’t have to cut your hair too short only to get the best style. You can also keep your hair in short medium length and you will be surprise what you can see. If you still get confuse about what you have to do with your short medium hair, just check the list below and try to apply your most favorite hairstyle.

Mens Short Medium Hairstyles

Natural Medium Length Waves Hairstyle

Just like a classic and simple style, you can let your hair on the top long and short for the hair on the sides and on the back. It’s always work to make your medium length hair tidy just like what you have now. Cutting the sides and the back doesn’t mean that you have to do it very short if you don’t want to. Just make sure that there is different between the top and the side and back is enough. You can use a comb to make the hair on the top tidy. If it is not, you can just your fingers and styling gel to hold the messy and shinny.

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Mens Short Medium Hairstyles

Natural Medium Length Waves mens Hairstyle

Spiky Low Fade Hairstyle

Spiky hairstyle is also a good option for those who have natural medium length hair. You may make it a little bit tidy by cutting the sides and the back. Then, prepare your favorite styling gel or hair cream. Use it for the hair on the top. Shape the hair just like a spike. By the time you got the best spike shape, you can hold it with hairspray. It’s really cool without cutting all your hair, isn’t it?

Mens Short Medium Hairstyles ideas

Mens Short Medium Hairstyles image idea

Classic Brushed Back Hairstyle

Sometimes, what you want is keeping your short medium length hair and making it tidy at the same time. You don’t need to worry because you can handle it by applying classic brushed back hairstyle. In fact, it is considered as one of the best mens short medium hairstyles for any occasions including formal occasions. The key is the clear edge close to your ear and nape. It is also about the low taper to make it more modern. Let your short medium hair on the top and smoothing it to the back. You may create smooth waves and hold the shape with hairspray. It is really a tidy option for men with short medium length hair.

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best Mens Short Medium Hairstyles ideas

best Mens Short Medium Hairstyles

Grown Out Layers

In different way, you also want to keep the messy and show your short medium hair. You want to do it especially if you have superb hair! There is no other way except taking grown out layers hairstyle. You don’t have to cut your medium hair at all. Instead, you should blow drying your hair especially after washing it. Manage and create smooth waves by using round brush. Definitely, your hair looks perfect especially in windy condition. It makes you attracting but still masculine.

The best Mens Short Medium Hairstyles

The best idea Mens Short Medium Hairstyles

Spiky Low Fade Hairstyle

At least, there are 4 different hairstyles you can use to make your short medium hair looks interesting than before. So, which one of men’s short hairstyles for short medium hair you want to apply? It seems that those mens short hairstyles will make you look different yet attracting to see

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