Professional Beard Styles For The Office

Professional Beard Styles For The Office

Professional Beard Styles – When you talk to the men about shaving, many hate the monotony of doing it every day. Shaved for many men is the task that gets in the way of more important things. Many people believe that the barber is the only acceptable way to introduce oneself in an office environment. Many workplaces do not have specific rules about facial hair, but there is a feeling that this office is free from the beard area. This is not the case. Although it is reasonable to assume that most of the work places will not let you wear a beard scruffy, if you’re still looks fresh it can give the masculine look while making office life much more likely.

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Is there only one type of Professional Beard Styles? No there is not. One beard does not fit all. You have to decide what type of beard that will fit your personality and your face. The beard shape that you must grow must be rely on the shape of your head. For example, if you have more than one round head, a straigh beard will give the appearance of slender jaws.

Professional Beard Styles

Professional Beard Styles


Some common offices Professional Beard Styles include:

  1. Stubble Beards

When kept tidy, stubble is the nice awesome look that adds character to your face without being too flash. It include a little bit of maintenance, such as ensuring the cheeks and neck line is always clean and even, so you do not look like a lazy mess. Sometimes, stubble can be itchy. To overcome this, use beard products to moisturize the skin while softening the hair, such as beard oil. Stubble is a style that will fit many people.

Best Stubble beard ideas

Best Stubble beard ideas – Professional Beard Styles


  1. Full and medium beards
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Actor Jon Hamm is a model citizen for full beard. They are kept immaculate and his line is always kept clean. Growing a medium length beards can enhance your personality. It shows that you are patient, confident and organized. At this stage, your beard itchy must be overcome because the hair may have emerged fully from the skin. However, use the beard balm to start arranging your beard and hold them too whispering wild hair seems to grow on the side of the face. Beard balm is also the skin condition and hair at the same time. Use beard brush after applying beard balm to comb hair straight and uniform.

Full and medium beard styles

Full and medium beard styles – Professional Beard Styles


  1. Short Beard
Elegant Short Beard

Elegant Short Beard – Professional Beard Styles

A short beard is largely an extension of stubble. This is the facial hair trimmed to put the 3-5 on the beard trimmer. This type of beard must be maintaned like stubble, with regular trimming and shaving the cheeks and neck. You can get away with less trimming if you want to let the beard grow in different parts of the face, or even to irregular growth. Beard oil may be more important as the length of a beard because it will still look healthy and clean. Ongoing  itching and irritation (if any ongoing) will also be soothed by beard oil. That’s all about Professional Beard Styles.


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