Shaved Hairstyles for Women


Shaved Hairstyles for Women – Hair style has always played a very important role in the Personality of the Year in both men and women. It has become an integral part of the dress and makes a fashion statement. Trendy hair style is one of fashion trends wear by many celebrities and copied by fans around the world. Now, trend in hairstyles and fashion is changing rapidly, sometimes even faster. Women are changing with the times keep themselves updated to look good, and be part of the crowd. When we talk about trendy hairstyles we are here talking about the kind of hair style that most women are sporting now. This time many women wear short hairstyles like shaved hairstyles.

If you are interested in shaved hair style that would make you stand out from the crowd, you are in the best place. Shaved hair style used to be associated with punk, but things have changed. More women tend to choose this style because it looks very feminine and edgy at the same time. Are you brave to shave the side part of your hair or even around your head? Here some Shaved Hairstyles for Women to inspire you.

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  1. Half shaved head

Half shaved head

Hairstyle with only one side shaved is very sexy and hot, right? Long hair softens throat area, make it looks very trendy and feminine. The best thing about this hairstyle isn’t must to expose the bald spots all the time; you can easily hide with other parts of your hair.

  1. Short blonde bob, side shaved

Nice Side Shaved Bob

The shaved side bob proved those who wear shaved hair style in fact can be worn on any hair color and any hair length. When you want to add some funk in your feminine hairstyle, one side shaved might do the trick.

  1. Super short hair, side shaved
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Super short hair, side shaved

As a woman, cut all your hair can be a very difficult decision. Many women fear that they sex appeal and their femininity would lose, however this short hair will not make you less attractive.

  1. Ombre pink mohawk

Ombre pink mohawk

Pink hair also makes you stand out with Mohawk design. This is one of Shaved Hairstyles for Women that also look great on natural hair and perfect to wear for hot summer days. If you want something different with your hair choose this stylish hairstyle!

  1. Blonde shaved hairstyle

Shaved Hairstyles for Women

This hair style not only looks cool and amazing, but also very easy to maintain. After a big cut you, you can be your own barber, and easily experience with the new hair color. If you ever get tired of this brief style, you can always throw on wigs and get your long hair again.

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  1. Natural Hair, undercut with design

Natural Hair, undercut with design

Looking for a new style to make your look different? Try this with the undercut. Choose undercut if you do not really believe in the idea to shave part of your head. This mode allows you to hide and display your razor patch whenever you want.


  1. Pink Mohawk shaved, black shaved side

Pink Mohawk shaved, black shaved side

Here’s another version of Shaved Hairstyles for Women, but this one has two sides shaved black. With next summer, short hairstyles and shaved maybe what you need. Beat the heat by wearing this Mohawk without sacrificing your style!