Sweet and Stunning Simple Hair Styles with Illusion Ponytail

Sweet and Stunning Simple Hair Styles with Illusion Ponytail

Girls are free to renew their appearance by changing their hair style. For those girls, there are many simple hair styles they can use for their daily. One of many simple and popular hairstyles is ponytail. Ponytail itself is divided into many other styles. Illusion ponytail is a type of ponytail simple hairstyles for long hair. Illusion ponytail hair style is a great choice to make girls’ hair looks longer. Some other girls choose illusion ponytail to cover their hair band and makes their long hair looks more beautiful. Are you interested to get this ponytail hair style?

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If so, you need to make high ponytail simple hair styles using your hair. First of all, use a hair comb to comb your hair and help you making a high ponytail. And then secure your ponytail with an elastic hair band. Make sure that your ponytail is tight enough and the elastic hair band is strong enough so that it won’t be loose and destroy the total look of your illusion ponytail. Keep reading to finish your illusion ponytail.

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Now, take small part of your hair from the high ponytail you’ve made. Take the hair behind your ear and release it from the elastic hair band. But after releasing small part of your hair from the ponytail, make sure you tighten the big ponytail again using the elastic hair band and make sure that it is strong enough one more time. When you’re tightening your ponytail, let the small part of hair you’ve separated hanging behind your ear. You’ll need to use the separated hair to create illusion ponytail simple hair styles.

Now use the small part of your hair to wrap your elastic hair band and get illusion ponytail simple hair styles. If your hair is so long, you need to use the hair to wrap the elastic hair band several times. Just make sure that no one can see the elastic hair band on your ponytail simple hairstyles for medium hair. Next step to do is securing the wrapping of your illusion ponytail.

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To secure your illusion ponytail simple hair styles, you need to pin your hair using bobby pins. Make sure that the bobby pins securing the ends of hair you used to wrap your elastic band tightly and strongly. This helps you holding your illusion ponytail. As long as the bobby pins are able to secure your hair, the small part of your hair that’s wrapping your elastic hair band will perfect your illusion ponytail simple hairstyles for shoulder length hair.

Before you start making ponytail simple hair styles, you better wet your hair a little bit. Dry your hair naturally without using hair dryer and then start making ponytail hair style. This way will make your hair tame so that you can make the ponytail easily. To eases you styling your hair style into ponytail hair style, make sure you brush your hair completely using a good hair comb. Styling your hair without brushing it first is not easy. Besides, your ponytail hair style won’t look neat and sleek.

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