The Short Hair Style for Under 2.25” Result

The Short Hair Style for Under 2.25” Result

The short hair style has become one of those many favorite hair styles for all sexes whether for male or female. This kind of hair styles actually has many benefits and advantageous for all those people, those are more practical that theoretical advantageous. When you look at someone who already has the hairstyle for shorthair, you will never feel anything unless amazed and adoring. Then, the next thing you are going to do is having the same haircuts which are short style for your daily activity and you will be surprised that there are many benefits that you can get from having the short hair styles.short hair style_4

But, some facts will be showed up whenever you look at the mirror and you question yourself whether or not this short hair style is good enough for your head. This is very common question which are expressed by many people especially women, because there will be none other living things who have a lot of attention and care to their body especially their face than women. Making sure that it is good enough for you or not is a good thing do.

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To answer that unconfident question, it is already explained and described by some experts in the hairstyling field, that the way to make yourself confident with what you look is by knowing what the best short hair style to be applied and the question is the best way to make sure about it. Then question can be answered with the rule of 2.25 inch or 5.5 cm.

That measurement is firstly discovered by the experts of the hairstyle trendsetter and the experts of the product innovator, who is called as John Frieda, for some other will call that measurement with the angle things manner. It is all about the angle measurement of your face, which is done by measuring the jaw bone angle to determine whether people should be more appropriate to use the long hair styles or short hair style. It is very trusted measurement, and almost all of those measurement results the surprising facts that it is all true and exact.

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To make it successfully done, you can easily practice it by yourself, and you can have such reliable information on what kind of hair styles which you should take especially if you have such thin hair, whether you should take the short hairstyle for thin hair or long hair styles for thin hair. And if you can really do it well, you will look so gorgeous even though you are at the first try to choose the short hair styles.

It can also be practiced to have the best result of the short hairstyle for men or the long hair styles for women when dealing with choosing the best hair styles. Take your position for the pencil or some other long stuff horizontally below your chin and take the position of you ruler below your ear vertically. If the interjection result show below the 2.25”, you can choose the short hair style but if the result show more than 2.25”, you can choose the long hair styles.

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